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  • Posted by Tiki God at 15 October 2010

    Category: Varient Cover Sets

    “This January, we’re putting the focus squarely on the characters and iconic heroes of the DCU,” said DCU Co-Publisher Dan DiDio. “Not only will we tell new stories some of the more-deserving with special one-shots, but we’ll be giving every title in the line a unique treatment that puts the spotlight on the heroes and villains that populate the DC Universe.”

    You can see the placeholder covers below, when the actual covers come out I’ll put them here.

    via DC Blog

    Posted by Tiki God at 7 October 2010

    Category: site news

    I’ve re-added a blog to Not much to say other then after a much needed rest from the comic book cover scan world I’m diving back in.  Feel free to subscribe to either the Latest Blog RSS feed or the Latest Scan RSS feed.

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