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Posted by Tiki God at 6 March 2011

Category: site news

1 – got my scanner up and running, so I’m scanning back issues of rocket raccoon.

2 – the search box should be automatically selected when you visit the site now, so you won’t have to keep clicking the search box if you happen to be searching for several series at a time.

3 – going to be working on integrating the wordpress theme and the custom backend.  that’ll take a while though, sorry.

it’s done, nevermind, was much easiler than I was fearing. lemme know if anything odd is going on.

4 – working on the backlog of DCP covers to add to the site, but it’s hard ungrateful work, so I’ll eventually slog through them all, but again, it’ll take some time.  one day I’m even going to integrate that database with the rest of the covers.

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