Voice Cast for Animated ‘Batman: Year One’ Announced

Posted by Tiki God at 20 April 2011

Category: Blog Posts

batman pics 2011 a l Voice Cast for Animated ‘Batman: Year One’ Announced

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad, Malcom in the Middle, whose star is seriously lighting up right now, has been cast as Commissioner Gordon; Ben McKenzie Southland is Bruce Wayne/Batman; Eliza Dushku Dollhouse, Tru Calling will be Catwoman and Katee Sackhoff Battlestar Galatica is Sarah Essen, Gordon’s love interest.

as excited as I am about another high quality Batman cartoon, I’ve seen his damn origin story about 50 times now, and it’s starting to feel like that’s all DC/WB knows how to do.  Why not do somethin that takes place a little later in Batman’s life?

via nerdbastards.com

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