Comic Review for week of October 10, 2018

Posted by Tiki God at 13 October 2018

Category: New Covers Added


Notable mentions:

  • Captain Canuck First Summer Special – Printed the same month that I was born, this is a hilariously poorly printed and constructed book, there’s no set uniform for the Captain, the stories are jumpy, and there’s likely not a single page that was error free.  I loved this look into how poorly a book can be published and how quality control for both the character’s designs and print production go hand in hand in making a good comic book experience.
  • X-O Manowar #19 75th issue anniversary, which was shipped late by Diamond, a great story about picking up the pieces from the rushed and poorly executed “harbinger 2” mini series.  All the post-war stuff has been so much better than the actual mini series, I do wonder if that was intentional somewhat.  Also, the numbering shenanigans reminds me that it’s not just the big two that have problems with counting.
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