‘Secret Wars Armor Wars 2015’ Review

Posted by lavonneyanez70 at 20 March 2021

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I grabbed this complete mini series several years ago at a comic convention, I think it was only $2 for the entire thing. I was hoping that it was a continuation or a variation of the original Armor Wars story line from the 80’s that I greatly enjoyed, but it’s not, it’s a completely different thing that drops you into the middle of a story that started in another mini series (or maybe the mainline Secret Wars mini?) and doesn’t give much information on what happened other than “everything is gone, but here we are!” kind of synopsis that only let to more confusion.

It’s best if you consider this an alternate dimensional take on characters that you know and love. This is an ok story, but I’m not a fan of the lack of context that’s going on here, it wasn’t until the final issue that I remembered that the “Secret Wars” storyline featured multiple dimensions of the same characters in cities or teams or something like that. In this case it was the “Thor League” that showed up in the final book to take the bad guys off to some unknown prison.

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As an afterthought, I’ll bet you this is where the Secret Wars MCU series is going to take itself, with multidimensional character lines that will ultimately result in Iron Man and Captain America coming back from the ‘dead’.


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