‘Non-Stop Spider-Man 2021- #5’ Review

Posted by Tiki God at 7 October 2021

Category: Blog Posts

Okay, so we haven’t been 100% honest with you. No, we still won’t be stopping. No, it’s still about Spider-Man and the biggest craziest fight of his life. It’s just, there’s something we’ve been teasing you along with that is really a trick (on both you and Spider-Man) that… Well… you’re just going to have to read the issue.

I stopped doing single issue reviews when I realized that there wasn’t enough content to truly get a review of the story, art, and other associated comic book points into a post that would be read by anyone, as well as the problem of a story being a fan and entertaining ride with great art and story, but then something happening with no warning on the business side of things that effect the series as it is. That’s what happened here, with the 5th issue being a fun ride, but then ends with a letter from the author saying that’s the last issue and there will be a continuation (maybe) somewhere else (maybe) and to just keep your eyes open for it.

I liked this series and I’m saddened to see it get the Marvel Axe. I think I might come up with dumb names for the dumb things that Marvel does:

The Marvel Axe = canceled without warning or story resolution
The Marvel Shuffle = entirely new creative team in the middle of a story
The Marvel Crossover Syndrome = when a solo character/team spends their entire series dealing with the quarterly Marvel Comic Universe’s crossover with little to no story dedicated to the poor people trying to just live their lives. Lookin at you Champions.

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